2012年07月24日 (火)


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An Important Announcement From Versailles:

Dear Enduring, Loyal Supporters,
We would like to announce that Versailles has decided to stop all activities by the closing of the year.
Being our 5th anniversary — and without a clear direction heading into the future – we have decided it was in the best interest of the band and the music, our staff and supporters, in order to pursue our artistic and personal goals outside the current framework, to stop all our activities by the end of 2012.

Since the beginning the “ROSE” has played a central role, both thematically and symbolically, for Versailles. The “ROSE”, which is also the title song of their 5th anniversary single, is about birth, becoming and being – in short, their story to the world.

The band will release their farewell album September 26th and tour domestically soon afterwards. On December 20th, Versailles will have their grand finale which be performed at NHK Hall in Tokyo.

Please come and show your support to Versailles and their final journey.

July 20th, 2012

YMN corporation

<New Album 情報>
Versailles 3rd Album「Versailles」2012.9.26 on sale!
初回盤(CD+DVD):3,600円(tax in) WPZL-30446/7
通常盤(CD):3,150円(tax in) WPCL-11199

Versailles TOUR 2012 "Chateau de Versailles"
11月 1日(木)横浜 SUNPHONIX HALL in YOKOHAMA ARENA 開場/開演 18:30/19:00
11月 4日(日)博多DRUM Be-1 開場/開演 17:00/17:30
11月 7日(水)広島ナミキジャンクション 開場/開演 18:30/19:00
11月 9日(金)名古屋ELL 開場/開演 18:30/19:00
11月17日(土)新潟Live Hall GOLDEN PIGS (RED STAGE) 開場/開演 17:30/18:00
11月19日(月)仙台darwin 開場/開演 18:30/19:00
11月21日(水)札幌cube garden 開場/開演 18:30/19:00
11月28日(水)大阪 umeda AKASO 開場/開演 18:30/19:00

Versailles TOUR 2012 "Chateau de Versailles" FINAL
12月20日(木)東京NHKホール 開場/開演 17:45/18:30

【料金】[ライブハウス公演] 前売り¥4,800-/当日 5,000-(in tax) DRINK代別¥500 
     [NHKホール公演] 前売り¥5,555-/当日 6,000-(in tax)  


【発売日[ライブハウス公演] 2012年10月6日(土)
           [NHKホール公演]  2012年11月4日(日)

【総合問合】 バックステージプロジェクト TEL03-5786-2400(12:00~19:00)